Have you been on the lookout for full coverage dental insurance? Then VP Dental is the plan you’ve been searching for. If you’ve had a dental procedure, you know the unexpected strain it can put on your budget. But with full coverage, you’re in control of your finances. Full coverage dental insurance can save you hundreds on annual dental treatments and procedures. It covers a percentage or even all of your dental bill.  It pays to join a leading team like VP Dental. Check out and compare full-coverage dental plans. Or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

VP Dental Offers Multiple Full Coverage Dental Plans for You to Choose From

Full coverage dental insurance start at as little as $18/mo. That’s only $228 for a full year of full coverage dental insurance. Per the American Dental Association, patients are paying upwards of $400 just for your 2 annual cleanings and x-rays. And that doesn’t even begin to pay if you actually need work done, which can cost you in the thousands. Healthy teeth have been linked to better overall health. Full coverage dental just makes good financial sense for every budget and good health sense for you and your family.

PPO Dental Insurance: With a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Dental plan you get to balance network cost-savings with choice. Choose from a wide selection of in-network providers to maximize your savings. Or if for some reason your favorite dentist isn’t in the network, you may pay a little more to continue to see that provider. We believe that choice is the foundation of a good dental plan that works for real people and real life.

DHMO Dental Insurance: With a DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organization) Dental Plan, you’ll maximize your savings by using one of our many in-network providers. Or visit any dentist outside the network, in which case you’ll pay the provider for the services based upon your agreement with that provider.

What Does Full-Coverage Dental Insurance Cover?

It’s really very simple if you can remember 100-80-50. This is how people remember how their full coverage dental insurance works. That’s 100% of routine preventive and diagnostics, 80% of basic procedures, and 50% of major procedures.

Class 1: Preventative Care – 100% Covered
• Check-ups (2 every 12 months)
• Cleanings twice a year (1 every 6 months)
• X-rays
• Palliative Emergency Treatment
• Flouride (up to age 19)
• Sealants (up to age 17

Class 2: Basic Dental Services – 80% Covered
• Restorations (fillings)
• Extractions
• Oral Surgery

Class 3: Major Dental Services – 50% Covered
• Crowns
• Full or partial dentures
• Bridges
• Other prosthetic services
• Endodontics (root canal therapy)
• Periodontics (treatment of gum tissue)

Class 4: Orthodontic Services – 15-25% Discount, no maximum
• Braces

Enroll in a Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plan in Utah with VP Dental Today!

There is just no need to pay full out of pocket prices for full coverage dental care. If you don’t have dental insurance in Utah, reach out to us. With full coverage dental plans that start at just $18 a month and family plans that begin at as little as $39/mo, you can get full dental coverage. Again, this is not a discount plan. VP Dental Insurance saves members real money on routine dental and major procedures.

VP Dental offers affordable dental plans — with No Waiting Periods, No Deductibles, No Sneaky Benefit Limits. This means you save money. And EVERYONE QUALIFIES. VP Dental makes it easy. Complete the application online and start saving money on dental care.

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